New Email address

Gtalk:el.hoshino(【at】不清楚的同学可以搜索“Gtalk AIM”)

Gtalk:el.hoshino(【at】アドレスについてご不明な方は“Gtalk AIM”でご検索ください)

With the formal release of iCloud service, my email address has been changed to: el.hoshino【at】 (Change 【at】 to @; The same with others)
The old mail address shonetesmith【at】 is still being used but just for emergency or spare use, therefore it’s not suggested to mail me at that address
As well, my AIM and Gtalk account is also changed:
AIM: The same as email address
Gtalk: el.hoshino(【at】 (If you’re not sure about how to spell the address, please search for “Gtalk AIM”)
Notice: There is a problem between iCloud and AIM services and I can’t login AIM by iCloud account from my mobile phone, so if you need my response ASAP, please contact me by email

Oh yes, I think I can write a little about this camp

The full name of this camp is called “English Honors Camp”, it’s actually the second time the university holds it, and last year, the first time, I took part in too, probably those who come here from more than 1 years ago should have known this; this year we have 9 students which is 2 more than last year, and 10 teachers which means we have more teachers than students! And actually 4 of them are foreign teachers so I think it’s a pretty good camp

In these 2 days we visited Nikko and interviewed some foreigners about cultures, and something shocked me is that only one foreign visitor said that he think it’s difficult to buy train tickets in Japan, which took me lots of time to learn how to do it, how fool I am www

Tomorrow I’ll be back home, and I hope I can upload the photos I took here, but on Friday we have classes in school so it could be sort of hard I guess