Oh yes, I think I can write a little about this camp

The full name of this camp is called “English Honors Camp”, it’s actually the second time the university holds it, and last year, the first time, I took part in too, probably those who come here from more than 1 years ago should have known this; this year we have 9 students which is 2 more than last year, and 10 teachers which means we have more teachers than students! And actually 4 of them are foreign teachers so I think it’s a pretty good camp

In these 2 days we visited Nikko and interviewed some foreigners about cultures, and something shocked me is that only one foreign visitor said that he think it’s difficult to buy train tickets in Japan, which took me lots of time to learn how to do it, how fool I am www

Tomorrow I’ll be back home, and I hope I can upload the photos I took here, but on Friday we have classes in school so it could be sort of hard I guess 

Author: 星野恵瑠

Mac user, Niji-Ota, Chinese, Now working in Japan at MAGES. Inc., Future's aim is that one day my name can be listed in Wikipedia

19 thoughts on “Oh yes, I think I can write a little about this camp”

  1. 外教是不是有很开放很潇洒的外国大姐啊?

    提高了阅读门槛…… 幸亏不是日文写的,不然瞪眼看不懂了

  2. I can understand words above with my poor English lol


  3. – – 英文太多了看起来太累,还不如日语来的直白,干脆无视掉了。。。无视什么的最讨厌了!然后就是,恩恩,你终于不用继续写英文了。。。 (^^)

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