Finally done!

Well, it was really tired to make this site, but I really had fun^ ^
Actually I still don’t know if it is right to make this blog, I mean this English blog, because i have already forgotten almost all of the skills I used to have in Junior School, so really it IS hard for me to take English diaries now
Localization? well I admit that i use English as a base language at almost all situations, but that is different. I don’t have to know what I should say in English, I just have to know what that word, or that sentence mean, that’s OK. And usually those words are often used in computer softwares, that’s what I am good at, so that’s easy really. But take English diaries? Oh no, I was good at that in Junior School, but now I am NOT….
Anyway, I’ll try my best to take it, and I hope one day I find my English get improved^ ^
At last, I wanna give a Chinglish sentence——Good good study, day day up! (Which means “Study hard and make improvements everyday”^ ^)