Meet Sandy and Sue

In China, of course we have to learn English from junior school, but although almost all the textbooks that schools use were the same, there was only ONE course we used a different textbook
Well, in China ,there are some “Language Schools” that actually almost the same as the normal junior or senior high schools, they teach Chinese, Maths, PEs, Chemistries, etc all the same as those normal schools teach, but only English, these “Language Schools” will use different textbook

Although these schools have the name “Language School”, there are only a few of them actually have other foreign language lessons except English, probably the choosing of different textbook is a way to show the differences between normal schools and language schools, but anyway, because of that, we had totally different English lessons from those in normal schools
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Trying to make an English post

Why to try to make a English post? Because the introduction of this blog SAIS that there are English posts in this blog, but actually, till now, there are only THREE english posts>_< So, in order to practice English as well as to fill this blog with more English posts, I made this decision to make a English post here 画圈圈 Continue reading “Trying to make an English post”

It’s hard to setup a sitemap

Well really, to generate a sitemap is a hard work on a Mac, there’re few tools or online websites to generate a sitemap with a mac, and among them, only one tool can find the pages made with iWeb~~~~~~~~
Anyway, maybe you can use the RSS feed generated by iWeb itself as a sitemap, that would be much easier i think
If you published your site to mobileme with iWeb, the RSS feed should be here:

About the new Macbooks

Well, it seems that many people in China don’t like the new design (I’m not sure the situation in Japan or other countries). They say it’s like a PANDA
I’m not sure if it’s OK to describe it as a panda, but anyway, as a chinese, I think you should love pandas=v=
And I’d like to describe it as a maid instead of a panda: you see White and Black is not only like a panda, but also a Maid Dress!
At last, I’d like to say that I guess I won’t leave a post here frequently, ’cause it’s too hard!